Boneless Chicken Kabob
Delicious marinated & charbroiled boneless chicken breast.

Kabob Koobideh
Skewers of charbroiled seasoned ground beef.

Chenjeh Kabob
Chunks of marinated top sirloin & charbroiled on skewers.

Fresh leg of lamb or roasted top sirloin marinated with special seasoning.

Meat Rollet with Gravy
Baked ground beef mixed with garlic, carrot, parsley.

Fried walnut & pomegranate sauce mixed with boiled chicken.

Ghormeh Sabzi
Fresh greens herbs, sautéed & stewed with pinto beans, dried lime & chunks of beef.

Gheimeh Bademjan
Fried eggplant cooked in tomato sauce with split peas, onion & beef.

Baghali Polo
Basmati rice mixed with fresh dill weed & fava beans served with fresh seasoned lamb shank or chicken.

Shirin Polo
Orange peel, carrot, saffron, almond & pistachio in basmati rice.

Zereshk Polo with Chicken
Basmati rice with barberry & baked chicken.

All entrees come with a tossed green salad with dried cranberries, toasted almonds & herbed balsamic vinaigrette, fresh bread & butter, choice of basmati rice or roasted rosemary potatoes.