Cold Lunch Combos

Your Perfect Lunch

Our wide selection of lunch combinations can be served on platters or boxed individually.  A small additional charge may apply if individually boxed.
(12 person minimum)

Sandwich & Wrap Buffet
24 person minimum
Assortment of two selections of sandwiches and wraps
Choice of two salads
Homemade cookies or brownies
$14.00 per person

Cold Cut Platter
24 person minimum
Platter of cold cut meats to include Mortadella, Turkey, Ham and Cappicola and Roast Beaf, Lettuce, tomato and pickle tray
Assorted breads
All the condiments
Assorted gourmet chips
Pasta salad or
Potato salad
Homemade cookies and brownies
$25.00 per person

Premier Buffet
Assorted deli sandwiches or deli tortilla wraps, served with individual bags of chips, choice of Caesar pasta salad or red potato salad with soda.
$11.99 per person

Gourmet Sampler
A selection of our most popular gourmet sandwiches or wraps served with potato chips, choice of side salad and homemade cookies.
$14.99 per person

Croissant Paradise
An assortment of French croissant sandwiches with Virginia ham, smoked turkey, tuna salad and roast beef with a fresh sliced fruit platter, individual bags of potato chips.
$14.99 per person

Gourmet Lunch Boxes

Office Space
Choice of deli sandwich or wrap with potato chips, choice of pasta salad or potato salad and cookie.
$11.99 per person (half sandwich)

$13.99 per person (whole sandwich)

The Easy Garden
Choice of Chicken Caesar salad, Chicken Greek Salad, Chicken Cobb Salad or Tuna Garden Salad with seasonal fruit salad, bread roll and beverage.
$10.99 per person

School Lunch Box
An assortment of homemade sandwiches with chips, cookie and a can of soda.
$10.99 per person (half sandwich)